8/1/05PortillosBig beef
8/11/05ChipotleBaracoa burrito
8/6/05 Weiner and Still Champion 2 char dogs
8/5/05Pot BellyWreck
8/3/05Pot BellyWreck extra meat
8/2/05ChipotleBaracoa burrito
7/29/05Wrigley roofdeck Cheeseburger
7/28/05DozikaYakisoba with Chicken
7/27/05Gigio's Pizzeria1 slice pepperoni, 1 slice sausage
7/26/05Taco Bell 5 hardshell tacos
7/25/05Buffalo Joe's Hot dogs (2), fries
7/21/05Jimmy JohnsRoast beef sandwich
7/20/05ChipotleBaracoa burrito
7/19/05Lu Lu'sSpider Noodles
7/18/05PaneraItalian sandwich, chips
7/15/05Taco Bell 5 hardshell tacos
7/14/05Pot Belly Wreck extra meat
7/13/05That Little Mexican Cafe buffet
7/12/05Taco Bell 5 hardshell tacos
7/11/05Gigio's Pizzeria2 slices pepperoni
7/8/05Dozika Dozika Noodles with Chicken, cookies
7/7/05Weiner and Still Champion Char dogs (2), fries
7/6/05Pot Belly Wreck extra meat
7/5/05Starbucks Turkey sandwich and 2 cookies
7/1/05(Home) Turkey sandwich (2)
6/30/05SubwayItalian BMT - I still have the lifetime ban it was only place I could go to make it to a meeting
6/29/05Tapas BarcelonaTapas
6/28/05Prairie MoonTurkey sandwich, fruit
6/27/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, chips
6/16/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, rice krispy treat
6/15/05Allende Steak burrito, chips and salsa
6/14/05Hoagie Hut Hot dogs (2), fries
6/13/05(Home) Turkey sandwich (2)
6/10/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
6/9/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
6/8/05Venice Cafe Mushroom and Sausage calzone
6/7/05Hot Dougs with Butler Elvis, The Dog
6/6/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
6/2/05Tokyo Lunch Box Rolls sushi (2 spicy shrimp), tofu soup
6/1/05(Home) Turkey and olive loaf sandwich
5/31/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
5/30/05John Barleycorn with Ang Turkey sandwich, greasy chips
5/27/05Hot Dougs with Roman Elvis, Paul Kelly
5/26/05(Home) Ham sandwich
5/25/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
5/24/05(Home) Turkey and ham sandwich
5/23/05(Home) Turkey and ham sandwich
5/19/05(Home) Corned beef sandwich, pinneapple, yogurt
5/18/05(Home) Turkey and olive loaf sandwich, pinneapple, yogurt
5/17/05(Home) Turkey and olive loaf sandwich
5/16/05(Home)Peanut butter and jelly sandwich - double decker
5/13/05(Home) Beef and turkey sandwich
5/12/05(Home) Italian beef sandwich
5/11/05(Home) Italian beef sandwich
5/10/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
5/9/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
5/6/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, cashews
5/5/05Taco and Burrito PlaceSteak Burrito Grande
5/4/05Portillos Big Beef
5/3/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, pretzels
5/2/05Hot Dougs with Dad Madonna, The Dog
4/29/05(Home) with Ang Turkey sandwich, pretzels
4/28/05Hot Dougs with Ang Jennifer Garner, Elvis
4/27/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, pretzel, rice krispie treat
4/26/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
4/25/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
4/22/05Chicago Pizza Fried Pepperoni Calzone
4/21/05(Home) Matzo Ball Soup
4/20/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
4/19/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
4/18/05(Home) Turkey sandwich
4/15/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
4/14/05Qdoba Steak burrito
4/13/05(Home) Ham sandwich
4/12/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
4/11/05(Home) Ham sandwich, yogurt
4/8/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
4/7/05(Home) Matzo Ball Soup
4/6/05Muskies Gyros, fries
3/30/05Costellos Turkey sandwich, chips
3/29/05Mannys Deli Corned beef sandwich, potato pancake, matso ball soup
3/28/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
3/25/05Hot Dougs Jennifer Garner (2), Fries fried in duck fat
3/24/05(Home) Turkey pastrami sandwich, Fritos
3/23/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
3/22/05(Home) Turkey pastrami sandwich, Fritos
3/21/05(Home) Turkey pastrami sandwich, Fritos
3/18/05(Home) Ham and turkey sandwich, pita chips
3/17/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
3/16/05(Home) Ham and turkey sandwich, Doritoes
3/15/05(Home) Ham and turkey sandwich
3/14/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
3/11/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
3/10/05(Home)Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (double decker)
3/9/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, chips, oreos
3/8/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
3/7/05(Home) with AngRoast Beef sandwich, fritos
3/4/05(Home) Ham and turkey sandwich, chips
3/3/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
3/2/05(Home) Ham sandwich, chips, oreos
3/1/05Taco and Burrito PlaceSteak Burrito Grande
2/28/05(Home)Itialian Beef, oreos
2/25/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza, pudding
2/24/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, pita chips
2/23/05(Home)Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
2/22/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, pita chips
2/21/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
2/18/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, chips, mini candy bar
2/17/05(Home) Ham and turkey sandwich, chips
2/16/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
2/15/05(Home)Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (double decker)
2/14/05(Home) Ham and turkey sandwich, pita chips
2/9/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
2/8/05(Home) Ham and turkey sandwich, chips, few m & m's
2/7/05(Home) Ham and turkey sandwich, chips, m & m's
2/4/05Hoagie Hut Hot dogs (2), fries
2/3/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
2/2/05(Home)Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (double decker)
2/1/05(Home) Ham sandwich, mini twix
1/27/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
1/26/05(Home) Ham sandwich, chips, pudding
1/25/05(Home) Ham sandwich, chips, dinky cookie
1/24/05(Home) Ham sandwich, chips, dinky cookie
1/21/05Hoagie Hut Hot dogs (2), fries
1/20/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
1/19/05(Home) Turkey sandwich, wheat thins
1/18/05(Home)Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (double decker)
1/17/05(Home) with AngTurkey sandwich, chips
1/14/05(Home)Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
1/13/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
1/12/05(Home)Turkey sandwich, chips, gummy life savers
1/11/05(Home)Turkey sandwich, chips, mini snickers
1/10/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
1/7/05Tokyo Lunch Box Rolls sushi (2 spicy shrimp), tofu soup
1/6/05(Home)Turkey sandwich, chips
1/5/05(Home)Tombstone pepperoni pizza
1/4/05(Home)Salami sandwich, chips
1/3/05(Home)Turkey sandwich, chips

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